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Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen

Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen
Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen
Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen
Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen
Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen
Stocking & Stuffers - Beauty Queen

This collection comes with every type of beauty and self-care goodies your favorite beauty queen this holiday season may need. 

What's Inside? 

10 1/2" Long Polyester, Gingham Stocking 

This adorable black and white stocking will look great on any mantle. All you gotta do now is fill it to the brim with goodies! 

Graffiti Collection Scrunchie Gift

This gift comes with a mini face mask from our favorite business buddy, Graffiti Collective. Good for 1-2 applications, enjoy a single mask great for all skin types with uses such as soothing, purifying, and moisturizing skin. What could be better than that? If it came with an adorable scrunchie! 

Silicon Mask Applicator

Use this applicator to apply your favorite skincare, ensuring your skincare doesn't get contaminated and that product glides onto skin seamlessly. 

Spa Privé Bamboo Head Band

Made with the SOFTEST material imaginable, this head band is the perfect little addition to every skincare routine to keep hair out of the way as you prep your canvas. 

Pop Art Face Masks - Face It, Outta Sight & Pucker Up

Sheet masks are great, but sheet masks that make you look like a comic book heroine are even better. Enjoy sassy skincare with these awesome face, eye, and lip masks. 

"Oh, La La" Lotion Candle - Grapefruit

This bright and effervescent fragrance brings just the right amount of sweet and citrusy to make you go "Oh, la la."  Burn candle to fill home with amazing fragrances, and use it's gently heated wax as a nourishing lotion for dry skin. 

Christmas House Match Box

This little match box comes with adorably colored match sticks, packaged together in the coziest little abode you've ever seen. 

Dresdner Essenz Breath Easy & Deep Relaxation

These single use bath salts are perfectly formulated to deliver effective and relaxing aroma therapeutic experiences. From rejuvenating Eucalyptus to relaxing lavender, make turning your home into a spa the easiest thing you've done all year. 

Rosesuds Pick-A-Petal Soap

Each petal to this elegant rose has been delicately handmade to create the perfect illusion of your favorite flower, formulated with a fantastically fragranced soap. 

Bonblissity Hand Scrubs - 10 Pack

These adorable hand scrubs make the perfect on-the-go exfoliator. Just add a little bit of water and crush in hands for a gentle exfoliation, and then wash away so essential oils can moisturize your newly scrubbed hands. 

Rosebud Co. Minted Rose Lip Salve Tube

For a lot of girls, you look for four things before leaving the house: Phone, keys, wallet, and lip balm. This rosebud minted lip salve has a light rose fragrance. Apply just a little bit to your lips for a moisturized, glossy look.

"Queen" Beaded Bracelet

The crowned jewel to the perfect beauty-inspired stocking: a bracelet fit for a queen. 

*** Please note all products will be shipped in a regular shipping box (not packaged inside stocking) so as to ensure safety of products. 



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