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Sagittarius Self-Care Gift Set

Sagittarius Self-Care Gift Set
Sagittarius Self-Care Gift Set
Sagittarius Self-Care Gift Set

This collection has been carefully curated to inspire creativity, thoughtfulness, and curiosity in you awesome Sagittarians! From a Sagittarius Lotion Candle to a face mask that’s as beautiful and radiant as your personality — this collection is meant to empower, rejuvenate, and embrace everything that makes this sign so special. You got this, Sagittarius!

What's Inside?

Sagittarius Lotion Candle 11oz 

This candle is a succulent blend of fruity black currant and earthy and herbaceous black tea. As the candle burns, you can even use the wax as a lotion as it's formulated with shea butter and nourishing oils to help sooth and moisturize skin. 

Graffiti Collective - Hustle & Glow Face Mask 3 fl oz

This ultra-moisturizing face mask has been formulated to go on the skin shimmery and glowing. Made with plant-based moisturizers like squalane, sodium hyaluronate, jojoba milk, and olive oil — this face mask keep pores unclogged but skin super hydrated in only 10-minutes. No moisturizer needed.

Amethyst Crystal 1.5" 

Great for opening the mind to creativity, calming frequencies, and higher thinking, we’ve selected this crystal for our beloved Sagittarius in order to maximize receptiveness to communication, guidance, and inspiration.

Skeem Apothecary Matches - Astronomy

This simple and sophisticated apothecary bottle is a fantastic and creative way to store your matches. Embrace your spiritual side with this black astronomy design.

Palo Santo 

This tree native to Mexico has been traditionally used for centuries in order to treat common ailments such as the common cold, flu, stress, and even depression. It's bright and woodsy fragrance is perfect for purifying negativity. 

Sage Bundle 

Dried Sage is the world’s go-to for cleansing the mind, body & soul of any negative energy you would rather do without. 

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