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Mercury In Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury In Retrograde Survival Kit
Mercury In Retrograde Survival Kit
Mercury In Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury affects everything from communication to even traveling. When this planet goes into retrograde, you may notice an increase is misunderstandings, a few "what was I just thinking?" moments, and even bouts of frustration.

This kit has been carefully curated and infused with all of the positive energies you'll need to not only make it through the rest of the year with as few mishaps as possible, but will also give you the tools to use this retrograde as an opportunity for introspection and growth.

What's Inside? 

How To Survive Mercury in Retrograde Guide

This brief letter contains everything you need to know about Mercury in Retrograde —from what to expect to how to make the most of it. With specific instructions on how to use the products in this little kit, be prepared this retrograde!

Large Amethyst Cluster 4"

Amethyst promotes higher thinking, giving it's owner clarity in order to maximize receptiveness to communication and guidance. In times of trouble, growth, and change, this crystal will help promote a healthy mindset and increase optimism. 

Motivational Quote Card 

This little quote card is just the positivity boost you'll need this retrograde. Each quote card is uniquely selected for each box, and no one quote will be the same. 

Palo Santo

This tree native to Mexico has been traditionally used for centuries in order to treat common ailments such as the common cold, flu, stress, and even depression. It's bright and woodsy fragrance is perfect for purifying negativity, or cleansing a new home. 

Sage Bundle 

These sage bundles have an earthy and herbaceous fragrance, used most commonly in order to cleanse spaces of negative energy or in order to break in a new home. 


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