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Hustle & Glow Hydrating Face Mask

Hustle & Glow Hydrating Face Mask
Hustle & Glow Hydrating Face Mask
Hustle & Glow is loaded with our favorite plant-based moisturizers like squalane, sodium hyaluronate, jojoba milk, and olive oil to keep pores unclogged but skin super hydrated. We added the natural mineral mica to signal when you are done because it leaves your face a sheet of glowing gold.  The greatness of this mask is that this formula can be used anytime you feel dry and allows you to ditch your moisturizer that day. In 10 minutes, your skin is ready for the elements, primed for makeup or perfect for glowy naked skin
What’s it do for your face?
  • Super hydrates your skin (no moisturizer after!)
  • Leaves your skin glowy & smooth
  • Tightens pores
  • Fills lines like plant-based botox 

What's inside?

Jojoba, Sodium Hyaluronate & Olive oil: Give MAX MOISTURE without clogging pores

Squalane: Your skin’s natural hydrator. We loaded you with more to lock in the moisture.

African Acacia Tree Sap: Fills lines & wrinkles, tightens pores

Vitamin E: Reduces redness & protects against free radicals.

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