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Community Collection: Kerri Lynn Mucci

Community Collection: Kerri Lynn Mucci
Community Collection: Kerri Lynn Mucci
Community Collection: Kerri Lynn Mucci
Community Collection: Kerri Lynn Mucci

This box was curated by Kerri Lynn Mucci, Montclair based hair and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience working professional shoots, behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week and in TV/Film. She currently works at Salon 212 in Montclair and created her own beauty blog to provide women with tips, tricks, and reviews of her favorite products.

This collection is optimistic, effervescent, and has only two jobs: to make you smile, and to make you feel beautiful. Each piece, no matter how tiny, is meant to build you up and cheer you on. So go on. Do you’re thing and look gorgeous while you’re at it, why don’t you?

Follow Kerri Lynn on Instagram: @montclair_beautyblogger

What's Inside? 

“She’s a Dreamer” Makeup Bag

Use this adorable makeup back to store all your makeup with the help of this little guy (or just a small fraction, depending on what kind of shopaholic you are). This adorable design is perfect for those dreamers out there who also take pride in how luscious their lashes are.

Jellycat PomPom Keychain

How could we not? One look and this guy has everyone smiling ear to ear, and who wouldn’t want that forever attached to their purse or makeup bag? What animal is he? We have no idea, but we’re obsessed. You keep on doing you, you beautiful Pompom you.

The Makeup Eraser

Yes, there is a single magical cloth that can take all your makeup off with water alone. This 100% polyester cloth has a smooth side, and an exfoliating side so you can remove both makeup and impurities all at the same time. Save time and money with the help of this makeup lover’s new best friend.

Oh K! Beauty 3-Step Charcoal Mask

This skincare pack has everything you need to treat yourself. The pack includes a cleanser, a mask, and a moisturizing serum so whether you’re traveling or looking to switch up your routine, you've found your answer.

Soko Ready Cooling Eye Pads

These cooling eye pads are reusable gel packed masks that you can throw in the fridge and reuse every night to help treat puffiness, redness, as well as dark circles (Or, if you’re like Kerri Lynn, you use them to treat your kid’s boo-boos, too). 

Soko Ready Cosmetic Sponge

Believe it or not, these little guys can be used for much more than just applying makeup. Rinse and squeeze out any excess water, and then use them with your favorite products — from serums to moisturizers — so you can gently pat in your skincare without pulling, rubbing, or irritating your skin. We recommend using these sponges to pat in the excess serum from your favorite sheet masks! Follow up with makeup for an airbrushed look that’ll keep your skin happy and moisturized!

B’Livinn Deep Brown Nail Polish

B’Livinn is a fantastic brand that focuses just as much on bright colors and positivity as it does on it’s fantastic vegan formulation. This lacquer based polish is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and ridiculously pigmented. Kerri Lynn selected for you a deep brown, just in time for fall!

Hair Ties

These hair ties come in adorable designs, all with the added bonus of being tension free so you can forever say goodbye to those pesky ponytail headaches.

Caswell-Massey Dr. Hunter’s Lip Salve

This classic formulation is tried and trusted. From Caswell-Massey, America’s first apothecary, you can expect an ultra-moisturizing formula with an unbeatable gloss finish for an easy on-the-go lip look.

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