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Thoughtfully Chelsea

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to Thoughtfully Chelsea, the newest chapter in Chelsea Square’s story.

Chelsea Square’s goal is to give our community the tools and the space to embrace their best selves through thoughtful gifting, and personalized routines. Our team works every day to help each customer who walks through our doors learn more about the products they use, the products they should use, and the tiny little ways they can introduce simple luxuries into their everyday lives. For us, a job well done is represented in every girls night in, in every shave, in every successful bath time with your baby, and the simple feeling of joy knowing you did right by yourself.
Thoughtfully Chelsea is an online entity representing our efforts to translate the personalized space and experience we offer in-store, online. Our goal is to help you visualize all the ways you can embrace those moments, and turn those happy and healthy achievements into habits. We hope to achieve this by providing both inspiration, and the tools in order to turn that picture perfect lifestyle into a reality.
At the end of the day, Thoughtfully Chelsea is a personal letter from Chelsea Square to you, letting you know that you are worth both the time and the investment. Follow our instagram @thoughtfullychelsea for some visual inspiration, and remember to check in often as we are constantly brainstorming new ideas on collections made with you in mind.
We hope that with each post, each collection we feature, and every piece of encouragement we write, that we can uplift and inspire greatness in everyone — no matter how big, or small.


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