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Shopping can be difficult when you don’t know exactly what you like, and when there is so much to choose from it’s almost impossible to figure out what resonates with you without massive amounts of trial and error. Let us ease the burden with our Personal Shopping services. Expertise and experience with our selection allows us to pin-point the exact products that will not only improve your daily routine, but will put a smile on your face as well. Allow us to introduce you a world of comfort with products we absolutely stand by.

By just answering a few questions, we can curate a list of products that are effective, trusted, and most importantly, targeted to meet your specific needs. With the continued use of this service, we will get a better and better idea of what resonates with you — making the process easier and more exciting every single time. Not only that, but we can even make your family’s gift shopping that much easier. We’ll keep your favorites on file, so simply send them in and we’ll point them in the right direction!

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Revolutionize the way you approach gift-giving. We can make the process as detailed-oriented, or as hands-free as you would like. With our wide selection of Chelsea Square approved products, we can assemble a gift catered to anyone and everyone. Our straightforward process consists of a single, free consultation. From there we will construct the gift starting with it’s contents, and ranging as far as the box it goes inside, to the ribbon we put on top. Let us impress both you and the recipient with the perfect, little details.

Consultations are available in-store, via email, and even video chat! Let us give you the stress-free experience of giving your loved ones a thoughtful, unique, and memorable gift.

Want to get started? Answer a few simple questions so we can start brainstorming!

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Event favors are the perfect punctuation to any memorable get together. Send your guests off with expertly packaged bundles to commemorate your special day, a task made easy with our simplified consultation process. Let us take on the challenge of putting together favors that will encapsulate a day to remember.

Sit down with us and we’ll help you put together the perfect event favors: everything from its contents, to it’s packaging, and delivery. Consultations are available in-store, via email, and even video chat!

Want to get started? Answer a few simple questions so we can start brainstorming!

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Details are everything. They are what show someone that you’ve taken the time, done the research, and that you’re serious about you do. With our help we can help you translate every single situation and specification into the perfect gift whether it be a single basket filled to the brim with housewarming goodies, or 30 personalized gifts for the office. We’ll take every detail you’ve got to offer, and from there we’ll handle everything from the contents, packaging, decoration, to delivery.

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The relationship between a real estate agent and their client is an important one, and understanding the perfect way to celebrate a successful closing is just one way an agent can finalize a fantastic partnership. Let us take on the challenge of impressing your clients by sending them to their new home with a gorgeous, functional, and personalized gift that will remind them of your fantastic services.

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