Our curated collection and trusted expertise empowers our clients to discover their best selves by complimenting their inner confidence everyday.

Our Roots

Since our founding in 1970 in Montclair, New Jersey, Chelsea Square has purveyed the best in bath and body. Since the beginning, our store has been the home of exquisitely crafted brands including Keihl’s, Crab Tree and Evelyn, Geo F. Trumper, and Caswell Massey.

Inside our store are thoughtfully curated products for all individuals including men, women, teens, and infants. We measure their quality not only in their efficacy, but the experience they bring to you each day.

Our Today

Today, we’re proud to keep this promise and heritage with a refreshed look beginning in August 2017. New products continue to be added to our collection each day as we remain committed to our mission of serving the best of bath and body.