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Street Rose Soothing Face Mask 3oz

Street Rose Soothing Face Mask 3oz
Street Rose Soothing Face Mask 3oz
Thoughtfully Formulated
Clean, even skin sometimes requires masking more than once in the week. Street Rose has the cleansing power of Kaolin clay to reduce redness, clean pores and bring out the softest skin ever  but it is also loaded with Shea & Zemea, 2 plant-based hydration powerhouse ingredients so you can treat your face multiple times in the week, without drying it out.  All you need is 5 minutes.
What’s it do for your face?
✰ Evens skin tone, reduce redness
✰ Helps reduce breakouts or post shave red bumps
✰ Cleans pores and reveal softer, brighter skin
✰ Works fast (5 minutes!) to fit into your daily hustle
What's inside?
Kaolin Clay: Gently cleans out pores, leaves skin soft, smooth, & bright
Shea, Zemea, Sweet Almond Oil: Plant based moisturizers make this clay formula gentle enough to use everyday, if needed.
Vitamin E, Allantoin, Oat Protein: Evens skin tone, reduces redness & dark spots

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