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It's Scorpio Season

It's Scorpio Season
It's Scorpio Season
It's Scorpio Season
It's Scorpio Season

What better way to celebrate Scorpio Season than with a little good-vibe gift? This bundle is meant to enhance all your favorite Scorpio traits, while giving you the tools to cleanse your space and attract positivity this season. 

What's Inside?

Scorpio Lotion Candle 3oz 

This candle is a seamless blend of bright citrus and herbaceous sage to bring balance, positivity, and good vibes to all who burns it. As the candle burns, you can even use the wax as a lotion as it's formulated with shea butter and nourishing oils to help sooth and moisturize skin.

Black Obsidian Crystal 1.5" 

This crystal has been specially selected to help make this season one to remember. Good for truth-finding, healing, and protection — this crystal is a Scorpio's best friend. 

Palo Santo 

This tree native to Mexico has been traditionally used for centuries in order to treat common ailments such as the common cold, flu, stress, and even depression. It's bright and woodsy fragrance is perfect for purifying negativity. 

Sage Bundle 

Dried Sage is the world’s go-to for cleansing the mind, body & soul of any negative energy you would rather do without. 

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