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Thanks A Million

Thanks A Million
Thanks A Million

A simple collection for a working woman, made with love to help remind that hardworking someone that they deserve a break. Gift them or treat yourself with the entire at-home spa experience: the perfect fragrance, the perfect skincare treatment, and the perfect addition to any refreshing shower. We’ve incorporated products targeted to make your skin look and feel brand new, all the while adding a fresh spring flare to your busy schedule.



What’s Inside?



Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask



This funky mask is an exciting new way to exfoliate and treat your skin. Put this mask on and the product will gradually aerate, creating tiny little bubbles that will help clear out your pores! Keep on for 10 minutes, and then rinse away to reveal soft and cleansed skin!



Caswell-Massey Revitalizing Cool Cucumber Eye Pads



These eye pads are fantastic Pick-Me-Ups that are simple and easy to use. Whether it be in the morning to help treat puffiness or at night to help wind down, use this product’s cooling and rejuvenating effects to help take the edge off of a busy schedule.



White Iris Candle


Votivo’s White Iris candle is a bright and floral fragrance with complex notes of benzoin and musk. This 4oz travel tin offers as much as 30-40 hours of burn time for a fantastic fragrance to help brighten your mood, and add ambiance to your afterwork routine.


Mistral Apricot Fleur Bar Soap

This bar soap is formulated with organic shea butter for a gentle and moisturizing product filled with a succulent and fresh-picked fragrance. Composed of mandarin, apricot, freesia, and white sandalwood — this soap’s and fruity fragrance can brighten


Calligraphy Match Box


Each compact tube comes with an adorable design, 20 matches, and emery paper on the bottom. This handy little guy is the perfect partner for any flame related fragrance.


Mini Terracotta Dish


This mini terracotta dish is an adorable accessory that has a place in any bathroom! Keep it next to your sink to store rings and soaps, on top of your dresser for jewelry, or as a catch-all for any loose items that need a new home.


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