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Little Luxuries: Red Edition

Little Luxuries: Red Edition
Little Luxuries: Red Edition

Experience Chelsea Square’s definition of indulgent red.

Nothing screams indulgence quite like the color red. These products are bold, sleek, and delectable ways to spice up any home, skincare routine, or bath. Breath in the sweet sophistication of Votivo’s signature Red Currant while soaking in the firming effects of Oh K! Life’s amazing Gold Foil Face Mask, and experiencing the colorful and bright Italian Markets with Via Mercato’s succulent and floral No. 7.

What’s Inside?


Votivo Red Currant Collection: Band of Gold


Votivo’s Red Currant is a sophisticated and complex fragrance, perfect for any candle loving household. Votivo’s formulation covers all bases from lush green notes, to tart citrus, to delectable tropical fruit, all tied together with just the right amount of musk. Not only that, but this indulgent fragrance can elevate any room with it’s tortoise shell and gold band design.


Votivo Red Currant Hand Cream


Surround yourself of Votivo’s irresistible Red Currant fragrance with the help of their ultra-nourishing hand cream. Formulated with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil, this paraben free lotion is luxurious in texture and succulent in fragrance.


Calligraphy Match Box


Each compact tube comes with an adorable design, 20 matches, and an emery paper on the bottom. This handy little guy is the perfect partner for any flame related fragrance.


Via Mercato No. 7


Via Mercato, which translates to “Through the Market,” is a product line inspired by all of the luscious fragrances you’d smell walking through the picturesque streets of an Italian market. Via Mercato’s No. 7 is a fruity fragrance with a peach and fig blossom base, and a hint of rose to give it a gentle floral finish. Formulated with Shea Butter and Italian Olive Oil, experience a moisturizing and aromatic shower with the help of this product.


Metal Self-Draining Soap Dish


This Self Draining Soap Dish is a Bar Soap’s best friend. This dish comes with a removable top with slots that allows just enough air in to let your soap dry between uses, while catching all the excess water and unwanted goop. With the help of this dish, you’ll get more and more milage out of your soaps.


Sisal Body Towel


This sisal towel is an all-natural cloth perfect for exfoliating the skin, and getting the best lather out of your soap. Use with your favorite soap to properly cleanse the skin, while maximizing your soaps milage and effectively filling your bathroom with it’s fragrance.


Oh K! Gold Foil Sheet Mask


We’ve all seen sheet masks, but foil masks add an entirely new dimension to this unbeatable skincare trend. Gold helps illuminate and firm skin, while the foil sheet keeps the serum close to the skin for maximum absorption. Not only that, but the foil sheet both prevents the mask from drying out quickly while also creating an insulating effect that will warm your skin over time. Treat yourself to this unique skincare treatment.


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