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A Shore Thing

A Shore Thing
A Shore Thing

No time to go down the shore this weekend? Let us bring the ocean to you.

This minimalistic collection is inspired by the feeling of breathing in the ocean air, bathing in the sun’s rays, and feeling the warm sand snuggle between your toes. Enjoy that weightless summer-time feeling with these amazing products, even if the ocean is a couple dozen miles down the parkway.

What’s Inside?

Skeem Fleur De Sel Candle

This candle is everything summer put into a fragrance. Burn this candle to fill your home with scents of ocean air, sea salt, with a hint of floral and summer fruits. This soy based candle has a whopping 80 hours of burn time, so

Calligraphy Match Box

Each compact tube comes with an adorable design, 20 matches, and an emery paper on the bottom. This handy little guy is the perfect partner for any flame related fragrance.

Pre de Provence Sea Salt Bar Soap

These Pre De Provence Quad-Milled soaps are unbeatable in quality. The French milling process ensures that you’re getting a quality soap from start to finish, with a luxurious and silky lather each and every use. This Sea Salt fragrance is light and aquatic, a perfect replication of that airy summer-time feeling.

Sisal Body Towel

This sisal towel is an all-natural cloth perfect for exfoliating the skin, and getting the best lather out of your soap. Use with your favorite soap to properly cleanse the skin, while maximizing your soaps milage and effectively filling your bathroom with your soap’s fragrance.

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