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Upper Montclair is filled with holiday gems, but sometimes it takes a lot of coordination to get them within a single gift. With the careful collaboration with local shops, Sweet Home Montclair and Angelbeck’s, let us make gift giving this Valentine’s Day an easy yet thoughtful experience. We’ve put fourth our most romantic and luxurious products that will make shopping in Upper Montclair this Valentine’s Day an absolute must, all inspired by the many different ways love may grow. We've built collections inspired by Dark, Milk, and White chocolate that capture the perfect Valentine's Day experience within three simple products. 

For the sophisticated couple, we’ve curated a gift set that is incredibly intense yet classically romantic all at the same time. This dark chocolate inspired collection is for the timeless couples who embrace the black-and-white romances of our past, and the couples who embrace the sexy simplicity of sweet talk whispered between sips of merlot and bites of dark chocolate. If passion is the theme of this Valentine’s day, then indulge in these Upper Montclair stand-outs.

Dark Chocolate is a Valentine’s day staple, and there is no beating it when it’s in its most simple and delectable form. These Dark Chocolate Hearts are nothing to gawk at, but their luxurious flavor and and velvety texture are absolutely necessary for a Valentine’s day full of indulgence. Share these perfect bites for a sensual and amorous night with your flame.

The Chelsea Goldschmidt 2015 Merlot is a perfect end to a red-lip, suit-and-tie kind of date. Wind down together with a glass of this complex and rich, ink-black merlot. Each sip is packed with an intense blackberry and red cherry flavor, and the warm spiciness of cedar and dried herbs rounds out this wine making it a satisfying glass from start to finish.

Skeem Design is known for their memorable and unique designs, and their Black Currant collection is no different. This fruity fragrance is a perfect compliment to the richness of the Chelsea Merlot, and emphasizes the natural fruity sweetness that lingers on your palette after each sip. Turn your Valentine's night into a whole-body experience with the perfect fragrance and the perfect flavors, all enjoyed with the love that inspires all the bold and passionate moments like these. 

This milk chocolate inspired collection is for the picnic basket carrying, sundress wearing couples out there. It's for lovers who embrace serendipity in tandem with the heady passion of romance. They are ardent and devoted like red, but bright and lovesick like pink. This basket combines the fierce intimacy of chocolate with the flirtatious nature of the sweet creaminess that balances it.

This Sweet Home Montclair Sampler is perfect for those indecisive lovers. This set is filled with crowd favorites Chocolate Ganache Truffles, and Sea Salt Caramels. The Chocolate Ganache Truffles have a luxurious texture, elevated by the decadence of chocolate perfectly balanced with just enough sweetness to create a satisfying and seductive bite. The Sea Salt Caramels are equally rich, but add an exciting and complex flavor that embraces the complimentary dichotomy of savory and sweet.

This 2014 Fleur Pinot Noir has a bright, red cherry flavor with a subtle hint of spice. A light acidity adds to the many dimensions of this velvety Pinot Noir. Enjoy this wine between bites of chocolate for an interesting, light dessert full of varying flavors and intensities.

The Red Currant Collection from Votivo is a bright and fruity fragrance with an incredible and indescribable depth to it. It is robustly fruit forward, but as it settles there is a overwhelming warmth and sophistication that suits both the playful and the refined. The Red Currant Collection comes in a variety of beautiful gilded designs that can find it's place in both an industrious or rustic home. This candle in tandem with our carefully selected chocolates and wine will embrace the fun and the passionate, fantastical yet grounded, and exiting yet elegant.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted and whimsical Valentine’s Day, this White Chocolate inspired gift set is for you. This set embraces the spontaneous and grand gestures that make love feel youthful and exciting. It is for the young at heart who's ideal date is spent dancing in their underwear, watching mindless television between pillow fights and snack breaks. With this set, you can turn Valentine's day into an event full of heightened luxury and laughter — a perfect testament to your effervescent and enduring romance. These White Chocolate Espresso Almonds are a sweet yet complex end to a romantic evening filled with bubbling laughter and heart eyes. The nuttiness of the roasted almonds perfectly compliments the rich sweetness of the white chocolate, and the faint espresso flavor lingers just enough to make you go back for seconds, thirds, and so forth.

There is something so inherently celebratory about popping open a bottle of bubbly, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day or your 50th, now is as good a time as ever to let that special person know that they’re a love worth celebrating. This Sanfeletto Prosecco is a light and romantic sparkling wine. It’s aroma is sweet and fruity with a dainty almond note, and it’s mild sweetness lingers on the tongue after each sip — a drink perfectly paired with a light dessert.

These breathtaking porcelain diffusers from Zodax Designs are flowers that will last forever. These delicate diffusers are both elegant and romantic, and are a perfect way to elevate any room with it’s gentle, fresh-picked fragrance. Paired with the Sanfeletto Prosecco and the White Chocolate Espresso Almonds, you’ll have a night full of sweet kisses and grand romantic gestures perfect for commemorating a love full of joy and laughter.


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