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Mother’s Day has to be one of the greatest holidays. It’s when the entire country takes the time out to appreciate this one special person in our lives: Mom!

I think we all agree that there is so much to thank our wonderful moms for. First of all, let’s cover the basics. She birthed us, which definitely couldn’t have been easy. Then, she took on the task of raising us and did a stellar job with that. Third of all, there is a superpower that I think all mom’s seem to have: knowing where everything is at all times. I could be in my own home, call my mom to ask her where I left my keys, and she’d know simply because she knew all of my ridiculous habits.

Another superpower all moms have that has to be one of the most powerful in all existence, is that of unconditional love. It’s knowing when you’re sick before your sick, it’s the ability to do five thousand things all at once, and to willingly drop all of it the moment we need her. It’s taking one look at us, and knowing her need her even before we even have the chance to say. When it comes to children, moms have secret strengths that no one else can harness. Including the literal strength to lift a car if need be.

So this Mother’s Day, treat your mom with the extra-special thanks she deserves. Try to match her superpowers of unconditional love and the willingness to help out. My favorite thing about my mom is her kindness, love, and caring. She would do anything for the ones she loves. I asked my mom her favorite thing about her mom and she said the same exact thing.

When I was little, I got so sick that I had to stay home in bed all day. This is when my grandma did something that you would only do for someone you loved dearly. She gave me a bright green toy horn that I could blow into every time I needed her. This horn emitted the most awful, duck-like sound you could imagine. And of course I abused this power, because I was six at the time and thought it was hilarious. But she still came up to help me every single time and only scolded me once. Now, that’s unconditional love.

Thank you to all the wonderful moms out there. We appreciate you for all you do and for your real-life superpowers.


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