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Trying to avoid bad juju this Friday the 13th? Well, lucky for you that over here at Chelsea Square we have no shortage of good vibe products.

Have you ever wanted something that literally seems to cure everything, all while providing great vibes, energy, and lovely, natural scents? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because that thing seems to actually exists. It all seems to lie in the Palo Santo tree. The Palo Santo tree is this magical tree from South America, charged with amazing properties that can be harvested and turned into usable products like essential oils, incense sticks, and more.

Palo Santo naturally has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Burning a Palo Santo stick for just a few seconds will immediately fill a room with great vibes and lemony scents. Luckily, these great vibes include awesome health benefits: stress-relief, cold relief (perfect for this back-and-forth springtime weather), and can help with quicker recovery from illness overall! Some even say that Palo Santo contains cancer prevention properties. But if you prefer the on the go approach, we even have a Palo Santo fragrance so you can carry all that good stuff with you throughout the day.

If Palo Santo isn’t your schtick (stick? Get it?), sage sticks are another great option for relaxation! Sage sticks were originally used by indigenous Americans, sometimes to cleanse or bless a person or room. They’re made to oust negativity and allow space for better energy to make a home. Between college graduation for some, allergies, and Tax Day coming up, good energy sounds like a wonderful thing to invite into a room.

Finally, these Charged bracelets are a fantastic way to carry any positive affirmation with you throughout the day. Wear these adorable beads as a way of reminding yourself all the good things you are and strive to be, all the while warding off negativity.

Now, go on with your weapons of positivity! Don’t let a broken mirror, those pesky chain letters, or Friday the 13th bring you down.


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