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Redefining Luxury

Redefining Luxury
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Luxury (n). — A object or act that, no matter how big or small, brings inexplicable joy and contentment.

There is an unfortunate misconception that luxury starts and ends with money. What words do we constantly see luxury associated with? Luxury cruises, luxury brands, luxury cars, luxury homes. All of these imply that whatever “luxury” is put in front of, probably costs upwards of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Last week we talked about self-care as the basis to create a happy and healthy routine that cultivates both stability, and positivity. This week, we’re adding another layer to that.

Our goal this week is to redefine what we consider to be “luxury”. Let’s stop thinking of luxury as synonymous to expensive. Let’s stop telling ourselves that luxury starts and ends with exciting brand names as though we need their stamp of approval. Luxury, instead, should start an end with a feeling. It’s the thing that comes to mind the moment you’re handed free-time. It’s the thing you look forward to after a long week at work. And it should exist in our lives as the little cherry on top of every day (or maybe a huge cherry and a few extra scoops of ice cream on a rough week). Luxury is the feeling of joy you offer yourself, and yourself alone.

It starts with a simple formula:

1) Think of one thing you do consistently that brings you joy.

2) Now, think of one way you can make it that much better.

3) Do that and enjoy it.

(Note: this formula doesn’t work if you feel guilty afterward.)

Over here at Chelsea Square, we are coffee addicts. Every day starts, ends, and is run on one simple question: “Do you want coffee?” For us, on the daily we enjoy a few (too many) cups of coffee sometimes black, sometimes with a hint of soy milk and sugar. On the days we’re feeling indulgent, we’ll walk on over to Little Daisy Bakeshop across the street and order The Chelsea (a delicious red eye coffee with vanilla soy milk and caramel syrup). On the days we’re feeling EXTRA indulgent, we’ll add a scone or two to our order.

This formula works for us because it allows us to turn the routine into something special. In dad language: don’t fix what’s not broke, right? We all have that one thing that comes to mind that speaks to our soul. It’s the thing we turn to when we’re having the best, or the worst day. It comes to us when we’re bursting with joy, anger, sadness, or frustration because there is an inherent, unfiltered, comforting nature about it that puts our heart at ease. That, in of itself, is luxury.

We’re challenging our community this week to focus in on that one thing, and take it one step further — regardless of the few extra calories, or the few extra minutes it takes out of your day. Enjoy it. Don’t apologize for it, and remember that the joy you’re feeing isn’t coming from the money you’re putting forward. It comes from the service you are doing for yourself.


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