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"Chelsea Square"

What comes to mind when you hear that name? To Montclair, it means bath and body. It means Christmas shopping. To some, it’s the endearingly referred to “Smelly Shop.” To dogs, it’s one of the many hot spots down Valley Road where treats and love are abundant. Although a lot has changed the past few months, there are a lot of Chelsea Square Signatures that remain, and it’s these qualities we whole-heartedly want to preserve. We always want to be the “Smelly Shop”, and we always want to be the place you get your last-minute gifts from. Through all of the newness, we want for our story to always be Montclair’s story. With each customer who walks through our doors, we see a loyal community that has grown throughout the years just as Chelsea Square has. It is the people of Montclair that constantly remind us what’s important and what we’re thankful for, and it’s that same community that inspires us to grow and to change.

While we can’t spoil a whole lot right now, we’re excited to say that there is plenty to look forward to in 2018. With everything that Chelsea Square already is, we want to be even more. There is so much that’s yet to come, so please keep an eye out for more exciting announcements as we get to work on bringing you only the best: Starting today, with our blog. With the official launch of our blog, we’ll help keep you updated on all of the new brands we’ll be introducing, the exciting new events we’ll be hosting, and the interesting new services we’ll be offering.

With this new launch, we hope to give Montclair’s Chelsea Square a voice. We want to be a part of the conversation, whether it be about how to start a new skincare routine, how to make a new home even homier, or how to let the people in your life know you love them. 2018 is going to be all about giving thanks to our community, and letting Montclair know that the best is yet to come.


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