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The weather hasn’t been too kind this year. With temperatures reaching record lows (not to mention the unforgiving windchill), this winter is leaving even those without naturally dry skin begging for relief. In order to help celebrate the incredibly specific yet aptly named, Winter Skin Relief Day, we’ll be giving you a rundown of our favorite winter-time life savers!

Olive Oil Soap 

While this soap may look intimidating, this is an unquestioned Chelsea Square staple when it comes to treating dry skin. This mild-scented soap comes in a gigantic block that will undoubtedly last you the entire season. It has an amazing lather perfect for soothing, cleansing, and moisturizing the skin all at the same time, and the triple-milled process insures that you are getting a quality and luxurious soap from start to finish. Definitely give it a try if lotion alone isn’t cutting it!

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

This body butter is the perfect way to both pamper yourself, and give your skin the extra moisture it needs. The whipped formula is both airy and decadent in texture and feels light on the skin. Ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba oil instantly penetrate the skin, nourishing and protecting the you from the dry winter air for 24-hours worth of hydration. Not to mention, the rich and luxurious milk and honey scent leaves your skin smelling warm and sweet!

Bloody Knuckles

While we have plenty to choose from in the way of hand creams, one of our all-time favorite products is undeniably, Duke Cannon’s Bloody Knuckles. This cloud-like formula is made with Lanolin in order to help heal and soften even the roughest hands. The formula goes on smooth and nourishes the skin for long-lasting relief, with no scent or sticky feeling remaining. One use of this product and you’ll understand why it is a Winter Relief Must-Have.

Creme D’elegance

This rich and silky creme is a life-saver for those of us with drier skin. With this weather, our usual precautions might not be doing the trick — and that’s where this product comes in. Formulated with Cocoa Butter and Sesame Oil, this creme not only moisturizes and heals dry spots, but absorbs incredibly fast and without any oily residue. Massage a small amount into skin, focusing on dry spots. Perfect if you have both dry and acne-prone skin!

Patchology 5-Minute Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the perfect way to sneak spa-time into any busy schedule. The cotton sheet helps the skin absorb it’s ultra-nourishing serum, and leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated. Simply remove the sheet from it’s packet, apply to face, and let sit for 5 minutes before removing and patting the excess serum into your skin. They can be used as an added step after toning and before moisturizing, or even as a replacement for moisturizing all together if you’re more on the oily side. You can even throw them in the fridge for a heightened refreshing affect 


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