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It is so easy to become desensitized to the beauty of women.

We’re surrounded by them, and yet we easily forget that every woman we come across could be someone’s big sister who held their hand to school, or taught them how to get through their first break up. They could be someone’s mother whose smile has been there since the day they were born, to the day they got married. They could be someone’s wife — the woman who came into their life and along with her brought a new meaning to the word “love” and “devotion.”

It’s these practically overused titles that we forget carry such incredible weight. With National Women's Appreciation day being today, I want to spend the day reminding myself of the importance of the women in my life. I want to appreciate the people who have uplifted me, and have taught me both compassion and warmth as well as poise and determination — and what a better way to do just that than to give them the gift of love, understanding, and affirmation.

Becoming is a handmade jewelry brand based out of Kennebunk, Maine. The brand was founded by Tracey Graves, an self-taught jewelry designer, business woman, and mother. What started off as a hobby eventually proved to be the calling that satisfied both her love for crafting, as well as the written word. Each necklace is hand stamped with words laced with meaning, the perfect way to deliver any daily affirmation to the people that you love.

We have to make a special mention of their incredibly apt, and perfectly simple Morris code collection. On each plate says the simple phrases etched out in Morris code, “My Sister, My Friend”, “My Daughter, My Friend”, as well as, “My Mother, My Friend.” Let’s remind ourselves of the importance of the words, “Mom”, “Sister”, and “Daughter,” today, and let the simple gift of a necklace allow us to uplift one another.

These necklaces are a perfect way of putting the words "I Love You" inside a single gift. Be sure to stop by and check out our selection. Let your jewelry speak louder than words, and let gift giving become more than just a simple transaction.


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