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Indulgence is a hard thing to achieve when most of us are working the good ol’ nine to five, and not to mention the families that may be waiting for us at home. We at Chelsea Square are huge advocates for indulgence whether or not it’s a 2-hour self-treatment filled with luxurious products and the perfect atmosphere, or a silent 30-minutes snuck between work and dinner time. For those of us who are trying to achieve the latter, we’ve got the perfect set of products for you.

Sheet masks are the incredibly popular, workaholic-friendly skin care trend that is not only incredibly affective but inexpensive as well. Our Sheet Masks from Oh K! Life, a beauty company made in and inspired by Korea’s skincare craze, are perfect packets of spa-time. Check out our selection of affordable and diverse skincare packs, perfect for those of us who are struggling to find that 30-minutes of me-time

How much more luxurious can you get than a gold face mask? These masks come with two varieties: a foil mask, and a hydrogel mask. The hydrogel mask is a fantastic step-up from the typical cotton sheet mask. The smooth and bouncy texture allows the mask’s serum to stick to the skin for maximum absorption, while the foil mask adjusts to the skin’s temperature while also feeding your skin the moisture it deserves. Not only that, but gold in skincare is fantastic at both firming and illuminating the skin.

Now these three step masks are a targeted and affective way to instantly see and feel a difference in your skin. The 3-Step Nose Pore Strips will get rid of your blackheads, and nourish and treat the area for a smooth and flawless end result. While the 3-Step Charcoal Mask comes with everything you need from cleanser, to a mask treatment, to the moisturizer to follow it all up.

And finally, these single use cotton masks come in four varieties: cooling cucumber, exfoliating bubble, glowing egg white, and silky avocado. Simply take the sheet mask out of the packet, place on skin, and relax for the next twenty minutes.


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